Who are we?


The Association Friends of Cuba is an association of non lucrative character been founded in 1997 by its President, Mr. Mario Ramseier, supported by the Embassy of Switzerland in the Republic of Cuba, 

with merely humanitarian objectives, of collaboration and support to medical-hospital institutions in the acquisition of medical-surgical, therapeutic material or any type of help guided to support to the system of health of a country faced to a strong blockade, especially to pediatric hospitals in programs against the infantile cancer, the leukemia and other wrongs that you/they suffer many children and that,  dies for lack of medications and skill attention. of benefit are talking, we wanted to achieve a bigger solidarity and human sensibility on behalf of those that could contribute material resources dedicated to potence the best conditions of life and medical treatment of those that suffer for lack of a medication for their cure.


  The fundamental goals of our organization are: 


Summary of medications and medical-surgical material of that entire institution(s) or person(s) interested in offering help for the treatment of sick children of cancer and other ailments of chronic character.


Economic support of projects of restoration of hospitals, policlinics and pediatric institutions specialized in the treatment of infantile ailments, especially the cancer.


Patronage of projects of collaboration and scientific exchange among hospital entities of Cuba, with similar of Switzerland and other countries.



High-priority necessities of the institutions favored by the Association: