Many have been the friends: private organizations, banks , personalities, religious institutions, all those that in a way or another has offered their hand and effort for humanitarian reasons, helping to hundred of sick children of cancer and other chronic affections that require of expensive medications or of difficult access for Cuba. They have been these friends who have given life and fruit to this association, and more than to thank them, we honor their efforts with this page where some of their names will appear with their due consent.


Entities and organizations that collaborate with us:

ICAP (Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples)
MINSAP (Ministry of Public Health of the Republic of Cuba)
MINVEC (Ministry for the Foreign Investment and the Economic Collaboration)
SPTHT (Union of the Tourism)
Switzerland Emabassy in Cuba / DFAE (Federal Departament for Foreign Affairs)
MOCLA (Classic Motorcycles)
Museo Rodante (Group of fans of the classic old vehicles)
Cuban Embassy in Switzerland (Berna)  


Members of the cuban legendary baseball team "Industriales", next to the sportsman Luis Mariano Delís (disc launching) with the President of Association Friends of Cuba, Mr. Mario Ramseier in a recreational activity offered for the sick children.



Mr. Mario Ramseier, president of Association Friends of Cuba with thel Minister of Culture, the writer and poet Abel Prieto. Labor Day. May 1th. Plaza of the Revolution. Havana City. 


Mr. Mario Ramseier, president of Association Friends of Cuba together with the Secretary of External Affairs of the Republic of Cuba, Mr. Felipe Pérez Roque in Geneva, Switzerland. International Conference of the UN for the Human Rights. March of the 2002.